” Brrrr! Snow!!”



la nieve                                            THE SNOW                                           La niege

pronuncation (la ne-a-vay)                                                                          ( la ni-eg)

Me gusta la nieve                            I like the snow!                              J’aime la niege

Los Colores Colors Les Couleurs

Morado              PURPLE      pourpre

Azul                   BLUE            bleu

Verde                GREEN          vert

Amarillo            YELLOW        jaune

Anaranjado       ORANGE       orange

Rojo                  RED               rouge

Blanco              WHITE            blanc

Negro               BLACK          noir









mis girasoles my sunflowers – you’ll see these everywhere in southern France, Peru, Mexico and more!


Hallowe’en is coming soon!  Prepare yourself with some very basic vocabulary!  By the way, did you know that the more important day of this holiday is “el dia de los muertos – le Toussaint  when we remember those who have died.  It’s a time of celebration instead of mourning!  More about that next week….

Words for today:

El fantasma y la bruja    Ghost and witch  le fantôme et la sorcière

(l fan-tas-ma e la bru-ha)                                 (  le fan-tome a la sor-see-air)

Which do you prefer to be?





mis girasoles










theme for this week:   seasons and months

 My favorite season of the year is el otoño – the autumn – l’automne.  The changing leaves, the coolness of the air and the darkened early evening are beautiful reminders that  el otoño  – the autumn – l’automne has arrived.  And it’s getting cold!

Words for today:

¿cómo está el tiempo?   What’s the weather like ?  il fait quel temps?

(ko-mo es-ta l te-em-po)                                    (eel fay kel tahn)

Review words from yesterday -(ayer/hier)

hace frío en el otoño –it’s cold in the autumn –  il fait froid dans l’automne

(a-say free-o n -el o-toe-nyo)                                  (eel fay fwa dahn low-tum)

hace calor en el verano  it’s hot in the summer – il fait chaud dans  l’été.



Which season do you prefer ?  Would love to get your response!